Because I have been given much, I too must give.

I get so much enjoyment out of painting. It’s a gift that was given to me by my Heavenly Parents, just like everything else I have. And when I sell a painting, those funds are then mine, but in a much truer sense, they are not mine to keep.

If any blessing comes to me, it is mine for the purpose of turning around and blessing others.

To remain true to my life’s calling and my love for others, I donate a portion of every sale to Latter-day Saint Charities. This organization conducts a multi-fronted effort to solve humanitarian problems around the globe. They provide clean water and medical care to communities in need. They help refugees integrate into new living situations and find their footing.

Latter-day Saints, as with other followers of Jesus Christ, are always looking for ways to help, to lift, and to love others.

- Russell M. Nelson