Amber is a narrative and figurative artist who uses art as a way to visually record and explore her earthly experiences. Through the mundane and the joyful, the sorrowful and the serious, she often gains a new understanding of what is happening when she sees a painting behind her eyes.

She loves to paint human relationships; specifically those between parents and children, and husbands and wives. Her infatuations include old family photographs, elderly wrinkles, wild & uncontrolled children, and the candid moments of motherhood. Her work is currently blooming into a narrative style, echoing scriptural texts and Christian doctrines. Amber is obsessed with color theory. She did not get a chance to take any painting classes in college, but instead has dedicated herself to many years of self-education and painting practice.

Amber was born and raised in & around Idaho Falls, ID by two loving parents. Though neither of them possess a smidge of artistic talent themselves, they always encouraged her to work hard and develop her aptitude for drawing. Amber did work hard - usually at the expense of her grades, and had her notebooks taken away by teachers on a few occasions. After high school, she met and married her husband Weston, who is 0% artistic but 100% appreciative and encouraging of her work. Together they have three children. One of those children is in heaven. 

In life and in creation, Amber believes that acceptance of one's self and circumstance are prerequisites to happiness. She also believes in letting her children interrupt her work whenever they need her, and in being fully present as a mother.

In person, Amber is bubbly, talkative, and (dangerously) optimistic. If you talk to her for too long you might find yourself encouraged and empowered.

Amber hopes to one day paint important works for her church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.